Brianna Hodges

TWITTER: @eduTECHtastic


Location: Massachusetts, USA


Brianna Henneke Hodges is a passionate educational technologist, mother of two, a true CrAZy One and iCHAMPION Evangelist. She believes that technology enhances our learning experiences in every facet of life. Brianna serves as the Director of Digital Learning for Stephenville ISD and has played a critical role in the District’s 1:1 initiative, iCHAMPION. A Google Certified Trainer and skilled in the GAFE for iOS environment, Brianna also is a member of the FriEDTechnology PD Team. Brianna pulls on her experiences as a former middle school English teacher to strengthen and individualize the teaching and learning process by way of smashing together technology platforms and tools. Her hope is to inspire teachers and students to find their passions, embrace the challenges that life brings, and utilize their creativity to find ways to go bigger and grow brighter every day. Catch up with Brianna on Twitter @eduTECHtastic, Pinterest or on LinkedIn and see how you can help #BEEtheChaNGe